Vivien SZABO
Postdoc, Inserm

After receiving basic medical training at the medical school of Montpellier, Vivien Szabo entered the Inserm Liliane Bettencourt School - MD-PhD program in 2008. He completed in 2010 a Master Degree in Health and Biology. During his research internships, he trained in cellular biology and BRET microscopy in Laurent Fagni’s team, and contributed to develop atomic force microcopy in neuronal cultures in Csilla Gergely’s laboratory. He then joined the « Frontières du vivant » Phd program in Paris. He undertook his doctoral studies in Serge Charpak’s laboratory, under the supervision of Cathie Ventalon and Valentina Emiliani. His thesis work demonstrated simultaneous calcium imaging and photoactivation with cellular resolution in freely behaving mice, using a fiberscope. After obtaining  a Doctorate in Neuroscience in 2014, he resumed his medical studies and joined Julie Perroy’s team to develop in vivo microscopy techniques suitable for the investigation of physiological and pathological synaptic transmission.